Justin and Cherisa

Our Story

The Boy


There truly are a few precious moments that resonate throughout the entirety of one's life. These are the moments that seem to transcend time and float to surface of our memories almost effortlessly. The day my sister became a part of our family; the last time I got the ultimate privilege to hug my father; the day I first was offered my first job and now most recently, the day I proposed to the most incredible girl I had ever laid eyes upon. This beautiful gift from God has brought me to a better understanding of the definition of a best friend and has given new meaning to true joy. The resounding melody of love and laughter that Cherisa has flooded my life with has truly proven the existence of a divine Savior. I am blessed beyond measure to soon call Cherisa Fee my wife.

The Girl


I get to marry the man that I love times infinity and beyond! Although cheesy, or gross according to Julia; Justin and I haven adopted this saying because we feel that words are inadequate to capture all of what we feel for one another. We use infinity and beyond because well you can't get any more than that (just ask Buzz). But the real truth is I struggle to find an alternate way to express how much my Hun-bun means to me. To say he is my best friend is an understatement. Instead, he is more like the other half of me that I never knew was missing. He is the part that has my best interest at heart. He is the only person who knows my every thought and feeling without a single word. He brings me indescribable joy. He is an answer to prayer, a true testament of God's abounding love. It is a privilege to call him friend and blessing to very soon call him husband.